Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dystopian Wars Island Tutorial

Hey guys. Heres a little step by step of how I do my islands.

Ok so using a drywall saw I got from DollarTree (I love that store!) I a piece of 1in thick blue insulation foam into my island shape and bevelled the edges a bit. The drywall saw works great because it leaves fantastic texture and is cheap. Ive used hot wire cutters before but they break easily and you still have to texture the piece when your done. So next I trace an outline of my island on a piece of foamboard and cut that out leaving room for the "beach" with a sharp exacto knife. Then I bevel the edges of that. The two pieces get glued together. Liquid nails is the best for this, PVA will work but not nearly as well. I also stick toothpicks in at an angle to get an extra level of strength. Finally a light coat of PVA is painted on the "beach" and some fine modeling sand is sprinkled over leaving us with the above pictured product. *note when everything is dry I seal the sand with a very watered down coat of PVA (think the consistency of milk) or else the sand will eventually come up.

Next the "rock" as ill call it, gets covered in flat black acrylic craft paint.

The "rock" gets drybrushed with a dark gray acrylic craft paint.

Next comes another drybrush, this time of a light gray acrylic craft paint. The rock is done for now.

Now a take a light cream/sand colored acrylic craft paint and carefully fill in the beach.

In this picture you see the sandy beach has been given a wash of Devlan Mud from GW. (Love their washes!)

Almost done! Next the sand gets another drybrush of the original sand/cream color to give it some contrast and the top of the rock gets painted with a flat brown acrylic paint.

Final product! Ok to get here I painted a coat of PVA glue over the previously brown coated areas of the rock. I left a little of the brown showing through on the edges. Then I sprinkled woodland scenics flock over the top leaving that to dry overnight. Once it was dry I removed the excess flock and was ready to add some shrubbery. I used two different colored woodland scenics clump foilage stuck on with superglue gel (again from the dollartree).

Dystopian Wars Table

Im going to do this kind of backwards and post a few pictures of the completed table first and then some WIP.

Dont mind the mattress in the background. Ive got this in my spare bedroom at the moment cuz it was too cold for the water effects to dry in the garage.
When Ive got it all set up in the garage, AKA my game room, ill take better pictures (not using my droid).
Also to come are some WIP and a brief tutorial for one of the islands.