Monday, August 13, 2012

I know its been ages since I've posted anything but here's my latest progress on the Infinity table. I'm also now accepting terrain commissions so if your in the Southern California area and want something down drop me a comment below.

 The board was re-textured. Painted, and snow flock added. I started the water effects. Due to the stupid extreme heat in SoCal lately the resin has shrunk and is doing some interesting cloudy things that are frustrating me to no end. The board is basically done but I want to add another thin layer of Realistic Water to the stream and then use Modge Podge to add some texture to the top.
And I made some progress on my System Infinity buildings from Sarrisa Precision. Mainly base coating them. I used cheap spray paint in a light and dark gray. Im happy with the way they look at the moment. My plan is to add some details, a few washes and maybe a dry brush and they'll be done. I had thought to add some ice cycles/snow to the buildings themselves to help them blend into the board more but I think ill leave them without winter accessories so I can use them on different boards. I'd like to do an urban 3X3 or 4X4 next to use with some of these with lots of different layers and a canal system BUT ill only have the funds for that if I start doing more commissions. I hope to start posting more regularly, maybe once a week? but I'm not making any promises. As always please comment below and feel free to ask any questions.