Saturday, June 11, 2011

Board Progress WITH PICTURES!

Hey, lots of pictures for you guys. Board is 99% finished. Castle is 90% finished, just some details to complete. Ok here are the pictures.

                                           The board after being coated with FoamCoat.
 The board after being textured and half sealed with watered down PVA. Ive gotta say between the FoamCoat, coat of PVA, and seal of watered down PVA this thing is SOLID.
         Board with rocks drybrushed (dark gray, light gray) and basecoated ground (burnt umber)
           Above and Below. Board with finished ground work (2 more drybrushes) and flock.
                 Test scheme for Castle. Dark Gray, Blueish Gray, Light Gray, bone/tan color.
                                                                                                            And a little sneak peak of what the board will look like with the castle on it =)

More pictures to come soon. Hope to finish this tomorrow night. Ive got 2 sick kids (hella lame) so might have to put it off a few more days but I'm soooo close!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Small Update

Ok ive started work on this project again. I was waiting on an order from HotWireFoamFactory which I got about a week ago. I also got a boost of inspiration after playing Warmachine with my group last night and adding a 4th player to the mix (Big Dave FTW) we decided to play a massive siege game when I finish the castle. 
Today I finished the cliff face and coated everything with foam coat. Next I need to texture the top with sand and then I can start painting. I also started filling some gaps and doing some repair work to the castle. Exciting stuff I know. Unfortunately no pictures today because I left my USB cable at work. This was just a quick update to let you guys know I'm still alive and I plan on finishing this castle ASAP. If I put in a little work each evening hopefully within 2 weeks this baby will be done. 

Above are the highlights of my order. Finally a decent wire cutter!