Monday, March 12, 2012

Infinity Table WIP

Hey people who read this (?). I know its been a while, I'm still here and slowly making progress on the Infinity front. Here's some pictures of the board I'm working on. Its either going to be a Ariadna outpost or a Haqqislam research facility. Something like that. The board itself will be black/gray drybrushed with copious amounts of snow flock and the stream in the middle will be a toxic waste glowey green. Itleast thats the plan as it stands right now, just waiting for funds to buy paint.

The pictures are extra crappy with a side of bad lighting. I just wanted to give you guys a feel for the project. The System Infinity buildings went to together without any major issues. I found a really cool way to make clear green windows (pictures coming). Nothings going to be glued down so these pictures just show one of many possibilities. Also the silos are missing the ladders which had been left out of my order. I contacted Steve at Sarrisa Precision and he mailed replacements out immediately, great chap. Hope this provided some inspiration and ideas, Cheers!