Friday, November 2, 2012

Painted Hex Protoype

Hey peoples got a huge box of stuff from ModestMagic yesterday. Spent some time painting a few pieces up today.

Many of you who've been following this project on youtube and the infinity forums are probably thinking, "wheres the engraved hexes?" WELL they didnt work too well. They tended to gum up with paint way to much and just weren't looking great. Nick sent me a single pocketed hex that I instantly liked ALOT better then I thought I would just from the video (which reinforces why its important we take our time getting these products right before adding them to the webstore). So I painted some stuff up and used a gloss varnish over a lime green color in the hex pockets and they look sick. I also tried OSL on the stairs, lemme know what you think, OSL or plain?