Friday, November 11, 2011

Warmachine 4X4 Trench Table

Its been a long time since my last post but here we go again. Ive been wanting to do a Trench Table for a LONG time. On a whim a couple weeks ago I just started doing it. I didnt lay out a plan or anything. So far things have gone pretty smoothly. I think its cuz I had done it in my head so many times. Usually with a project this size and by this stage (painting) ive made multiple mistakes that I wish I could go back in time and fix. Surprisingly theres only 1 or 2 little things I would do differently. Anywho on to some pictures.

So some WIP shots and then the first coat of paint (the unpainted wood areas seen above are because the trench sides are going to be base coated a darker brown then the ground). The base is a 2 inch thick piece of pink foam. Then I took a 1 inch piece and cut out the shape I wanted for the trenches and glued it on top of the base piece. I find when gluing foam to foam Liquid Nails is the best product by far. The craters were made by using a heat gun (one of the things I would have done differently is made them a bit larger/deeper because once you get the PVA and sand in them they're pretty shallow). My ultimate plan is to use some water effects and make muddy puddles in all of the craters and a few parts of the trench bottoms.  So with that done I then textured the inside of the trenches with PVA Glue and sandbox sand. When that was dry I started the fun/tedious job of all the trench wall detail. Using various bits of balsa wood, tacky glue (better for vertical services then PVA because its *gasp* tackier). corrugated cardboard and sewing pins I spent a few evenings doing all of the detail work. Once the trench walls were done I textured the top. And finally a few shots of the board ready for dry brushing. I hope to be mostly done by Monday (gaming night) and completely done by next week. As always I'm open to comments and critiques.