Saturday, December 3, 2011

4x4 Warmachine Trench Table Complete!

Ok its finally finished. Eventually ill cover the sides with black duct tape but for now its essentially done. Ofcourse I finished it just as my group is taking a break from Warmachine, generally how stuff like this works. I think were going to get our Warhammer Quest on this month. Im also really keen to get into Infinity and depending on what kind of hobby money I get for Xmas expect to see some terrain for that in the next month. I figure I can do a quick and dirty (as quick and dirty as my OCD will let me) table for $50. We shall see. Enough blither blather. On to pictures!

Im really not sure why these pictures turned out so crappy :( Usually my droid takes decent photos. I guess ill have to start borrowing my wifes fancy new camera.  As always comments, critiques are welcome. Also id be interested to know how much would you pay for this board? Keep an eye on the blog for some Infinity updates but probably not for a few weeks itleast.