Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Warhammer Fortress Board COMPLETED! (99%)

Well, aside from the armory door, and the front gate (which I need to figure out a way of attaching, maybe magnets?). This mother is done! I couldnt help setting it up last night to snap some photos. Here they are. The trees are scratch made with woodland scenics products. The mat is GW's battlemat, one of the best purchases ive ever made. All of the other accessories like the ruins, the barrels, ladders, and crates are all from Pegasus Hobbies. I highly recommend them, they come prepainted and are very affordable. Enough chit chat. Here are the pictures.
 Just a reminder that this is what the board looked like a week ago!
 If that doesnt make you want to play with little toy soldiers, the child inside of you is dead.
 This thing is so sexy there should be suggestive music playing in the background.
 Big shout out to Mike from TerranScapes on YouTube. I learned more than a couple techniques from his videos and without him I never would have known about foam coat.His work belongs in a museum and he's a great guy. 
My gaming group played a 4 way battle of Warmachine last night. Khador and Retribution VS Cygnar and Legion (unlikely allies but we came up with a story about a arcane artifact) Andrew and I won with Cygnar and Legion so next week Cygnar will be in the Fortress and Legion will serve as his reinforcements (rolling to come in after turn 1 40K style). This is going to be a massive 100pt per side game and I CANT WAIT!
In July Ian comes to pick up his Fortress and take it back to its new home in his totally bitching game room (im more then a little jealous). Thats it for now guys, next project is going to be painting my legion and some smaller terrain projects like hills, maybe a modular river, smoke markers etc. I still want to make a 4X4 board for Warmachine with trenches and a river etc but thats on the back burner for a while. 
As always comments are very welcome!

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